Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Business is already coming!

First of all thank you to everyone who is voting and leaving comments. I will have something nailed down here soon.

I was putting together a game plan for a photography business last night and thinking that I need to expand my portfolio. In walks my wife and she has already got a job for me. I am taking some pictures of a dance class. I have a camera (obviously) and some knowledge but I need another source of lighting. I have not trained in studio lighting nor do I own any so I am researching an external flash. This should be a good learning experience.

Speaking of learning I have been reading all that I can about photography business and about business in general. Having confidence in what you are doing speaks so loudly to clients and gives you a personal boost. I am excited to get rolling and will keep you updated on my progress. Before my first job I am going to shadow a few photographers that I know. Hopefully they can give me even more pointers.

Here is a link to the FLASH that I am looking at in case you are interested.
Yikes it might be cheaper to get a set of STUDIO LIGHTS.

Then again maybe not. I think that I need an external flash for my camera before I can effectively use studio strobes.

Thanks again for reading.

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