Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This and That

I do not have new pictures to post today because I have been very busy at work and home this weekend. I have been thinking a lot about file storage and organization though. I have also joined a photography club that meets in Colorado Springs.

I have not attended any meetings yet but I will tell you what I think after I go. The first meeting that I will be able to attend is Feb 6th. The group is having meetings before that to go to Pueblo and photograph Eagle Days and also to Manitou for a local parade.

The group meets about twice a month and has roughly 30 members. At the meetings they share their photographs and someone usually speaks. My first meeting will be about printing photos, what printer to use and what kind of ink depending on the quality and effects you want. They will also be talking about still life photography.

As for the RAW format I think that I am going to try to stick with it and get more organization to my save pictures. The RAW will allow me more options and flexibility in the future. I don't want to get down the line and regret loosing image quality because I was taking pictures in the JPEG format.

I hope to have more pictures up mid week.

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